The Latest Sign that League of Legends Has Made It: Miss October Loves It

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Here's an e-mail I received yesterday from a PR person yesterday:

Hi Stephen-

Below please find information on Playboy's Miss October, Pamela Horton. The Playmate of the Month graces this issue's cover as well as the centerfold, and is an avid gamer and gym rat. She says: "I'm obsessed with MMOs! I love being known as every gamer guy's dream."

Miss Horton is available for interviews. Please let me know if you would like more information or images.


Eyeroll right?

No interview needed, I figured, but how genuine was Miss October's love of games? I was having a hard time believing a quote it seemed that no person ever really said. I figured this was all pandering. I was curious, so I tried the URL for what was supposedly her personal website. No dice. The page is under construction (and therefore 100% safe for work at the time of posting).


A moment later, I found Horton's Facebook fan page, where she posts such things as "My friend let me play his Theatrhythm and I am going to GET IT RIGHT NOW OMG. I love it so much."

And here's where it gets so very 2012 and maybe says something about where gaming's at these days. On her Facebook info page, she lists her awards: "1355 Solo Ranked Rating in League of Legends! Captain Teemo on duty!" She then rattles off several of her favorite games, which include plenty of old-school stuff like Zelda and Earthbound. And there's League of Legends again, that free-to-play DOTA/MOBA that is one of modern gaming's most successful juggernauts.

Congratulations, League of Legends. There are many ways for people to get the message that you're big time. $3 million pro tournaments are one thing. And stuff like this? It probably helps too.

Top pic via Horton's Facebook page


Elias Vasylenko

Yea, eyeroll! As if a pretty lady could like video games! Hasn't anyone told this person about our expectations of her gender?

Come on, this sort of initial reaction needs to stop. If some guy is from some walk of that you might not expect him to be interested in this stuff (e.g. Vin Diesel, I guess?) everyone's super chuffed that they can add a traditionally jocky sort of person to their ranks.

With a woman it's either 'yea right she's just pretending, everyone knows ladies don't play games', or 'jeez, everyone knows ladies play games already, stop going on about it like it's such a big deal, are we meant to be impressed?' Can't have it both ways, and shouldn't have it either.

Here I feel like there's more of a 'how great is this you guys, we are finally actually winning over some of them lady-folk! How unexpected!' kind of a vibe. Not very 2012 at all imho.

Sure, it's great that this is the case, it's one more success story to have *anyone* publicly declaring themselves into video games, but nobody should be talking about how this shattered their expectations because those shouldn't have been their expectations to begin with.

Well whatevs, maybe I'm reading too much into it. This reply was probably about as long as the article.