The Latest Pokémon Movie Teases Two New Pokémon

Hopefully you didn’t think Game Freak would stop at 721 Pokémon!

While the existence of new, never-before-seen Pokémon was reported earlier this year by popular Pokémon website Serebii, there was no footage of it online until somewhat recently. That little green critter you see above was captured by Hirobyte at the end of the latest Pokémon movie. We don’t know what the creature is called, what its elemental affinity is, or what it’s capable of doing. For all we know, the monster could be a forme of an already existing Pokémon, or perhaps an earlier evolution of something. Popular theories I’ve seen floating around the web tie the new Pokémon to legendary Zygarde, as both Pokemon feature a greenish color. It might just be a cute new Pokémon, though.


I’m more convinced of the Zygarde connection for the second Pokémon we catch a glimpse of in the footage:

Fans note that this shadowy figure resembles Zygarde’s shape:


Here is fan-art by Tomycase that illustrates what I mean:


Maybe neither Pokemon is tied to Zygarde at all. This is just fan speculation! But you can watch the footage yourself here, if you’d like:

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