The live-action Transformers films have spent four movies reducing cities to piles of rubble. A robot that transforms into a pile of rubble, as seen in this weekend’s clip of Transformers: The Last Knight from the Kids’ Choice Awards, makes perfect sense.

Fans have been wondering who the new orange Autobot is since he showed up back in December’s trailer for the fifth live-action Transformers film.


According to the extended TV spot also released over the weekend, his name is Canopy (not to be confused with delicious bite-sized Transformer, Canapé) and he serves as cover for Izabella, the plucky teen girl protagonist of the film. She’s sort of an Autobot whisperer, who is friends with the Dinobots, new annoyance character Skweaks and the robot that turns into a pile of child-hiding junk. Judging from the clip below, he also serves as a makeshift crash pad.

“Don’t worry, we’re covered,” Izabella assures her friends, as the screenwriter chuckles at their own cleverness. “Told ya, covered” she repeats, as the screenwriter wanders off to buy a milkshake as a reward.

All of this said, I am actually not completely put off by having a group of younger kids interacting with the Transformers in this movie. It’s been a trend in the animation for ages, so why the hell not? It couldn’t get any worse.


Transformers: A Couple Billion More Dollars will be in theaters on June 23.

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