The Latest In Dark Souls II Trolling

PVP in Dark Souls II is mostly a straightforward affair — You invade or duel, kill your target, and then finish with a condescending gesture. But what about when you pretend to be a friendly, neighborhood co-op partner? Hilarity, that's what.


Watch as Yogscast YouTuber Strippin' trolls unsuspecting players into thinking they can totally trust him, only to murder them quickly and easily. Some background: the basis of this video is the White Ring, which is traded by the Dyna and Tillo at their nest in exchange for Smooth and Silky objects. It's a ring that gives you the outward appearance of a totally friendly, white phantom. Now go to the Grave of Saints or the Door of Pharros and enter into the Rat King Covenant. By becoming a ratbro, you pull random trespassing players into your world while in either of the locations.


Of course, any experienced player who knows how summoning or the Rat King Covenant works will probably catch on, but there's always a steady stream of gullible players in Dark Souls II.

YOGSCAST Strippin' via Dark Souls II Subreddit

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I Play More Games Than You

And this is why I'll never play this game. Epic level asshattery, encouraged by the devs.