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The Latest Game Tearing Up Steam's Charts Looks So Typical

If the last couple of years didn't make it clear, Steam players sure love their survival games.


DayZ. Rust. The Forest. Starbound. theHunter: Primal. These are just a few of the many, many survival games that have exploded, however briefly, on Steam. The latest survival (early access) game to follow that trend is called Stranded Deep, and you can watch a trailer for it above. Looks familiar, no?

I'll give it credit: the game is gorgeous, as this timelapse by PixelMannen shows:

Still, it's hard not to be curious, right? Here's some gameplay, recorded by FRANKIEonPCin1080p, that shows off how players will go about surviving the island:

Instead of tree chopping, there's palm tree chopping! Building stuff! Coconuts! So tropical. And hey, there's even a sunken ship.


You can check out Stranded Deep on Steam here.

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Let me know when it hits full-release and we'll talk. I've been burned by too many early-access games to buy into something like this again. The survival game that makes it out of early-access limbo in the over-saturated market will be the one to rule them all.