The Latest Final Fantasy XV Video – Now in English

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For those of you who don't understand that newfangled moonspeak that is Japanese.


Last week, Square Enix released a stream where Final Fantasy XV art director Yusuke Naora and world map director Yasuyuki Matsunami talked with a host about just how friggin huge the world of FFXV was.

The visuals were impressive and all, but the audio was pretty much all in Japanese with the three talking about stuff – a little frustrating for fans who don't understand Japanese. Well, fear not, because we're here for you. Check out below for the video, complete with English subtitles, to give you a better idea of what's going on.

(Yes, apparently the game is going to have Magitek armor.)

Later in the stream, there was a Q&A segment where 4 fan questions were answered. While we don't have a translated video, below are the 4 questions and subsequent answers from director Hajime Tabata translated to English.

Question 1: Mr. Tabata said that battle is conducted by pressing the attack button and keeping it pressed, but what happens when you repeatedly tap the button instead?

Tabata: "So you want to repeatedly tap instead of keep pressed? When you repeatedly press the attack button, you can attack normally and execute combos. Sorry for the straight-forward answer."
"Depending on the timing of when you press the button, you can execute special moves like counters and parries."
"On the other hand, when keeping the button pressed, it is possible to conduct battle in a manner of reading your enemy's actions."

Question 2: Will Type-0 HD have a downloadable version? And will it include the FFXV demo?

Tabata: "Yes."

Question 3: What's with the UI [in the TGS demo]? We've been told that blocking requires MP or something to that manner, but there's no MP gauge.

Tabata: "The UI you've seen is a temporary UI. The UI in the playable demo will be the beta version.
"The reason there was no MP gauge in the previous demo was because at the time of TGS, there were no plans to actually show combat.
"In the full version, there will obviously be an MP gauge, and the menus will be in a more proper format."

Question 4: Expected play time is [only] 40 hours? I'm worried.

Tabata: "The 40 hour play time is if you only pursue the main story. If you intend to fully explore places like the dungeons, it will take much longer."

I haven't been this excited for a Final Fantasy game in a long time.

The playable demo of Final Fantasy XV, Episode Duscae, is scheduled for release with Final Fantasy Type-0 HD, available next March. Hopefully, the full game won't be far behind.


田畑Dのアクティブ・タイム・レポート [Square Enix@YouTube]

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