The Last Player From NHL '94 Has Left The League

Image: Waypoint
Image: Waypoint

In 2013, we were down to three active NHL players who had appeared in NHL 94, a video game released in 1993. It’s taken almost five more years, but we’re now finally down to zero.


Just as Kevin Garnett’s retirement from the NBA closed the book on the 16-bit era with basketball games, Jaromir Jagr’s departure from the Calgary Flames for his home country of the Czech Republic means that not a single player is left from the roster of one of the greatest sports games of all time.

Jagr is 45 years old, and it’s been over 24 years since the game’s release so...yeah, good job holding on, old guy. He leaves as not just the last active player from NHL 94's roster, but also the NHL’s third highest goalscorer of all time with 766 goals.

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NHL‘94 was AWESOME. How awesome? To this day, NHL‘94 on the SNES is still the only sports game I’ve ever owned. I wish I still had it, but I lost all my SNES stuff decades ago.

I played it at a friend’s house, and I enjoyed it so much that when I saw the local videostore was selling their copy, I bought it for a couple bucks. (So mine had ‘VIDEO NOOK’ sharpied across it, lol)