The Last Of Us Is Getting An HBO TV Show

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Craig Mazin, writer behind the wonderful miniseries Chernobyl, is apparently teaming up with The Last of Us game director Neil Druckmann to adapt the PlayStation zombie thriller into a TV show.


According to The Hollywood Reporter, the series will focus on the events of the first game, though The Hollywood Reporter writes that there’s “the possibility of additional content based on the forthcoming game sequel,” the The Last of Us Part II. The project is set to be a collaboration between HBO, Sony Pictures Television, and PlayStation Productions. Carolyn Strauss, former president of HBO, and Evan Wells, president of Naughty Dog, will be producers.

“From the first time I sat down to talk with Craig I was equally blown away by his approach to narrative and his love and deep understanding of The Last of Us,” Druckmann told The Hollywood Reporter in a statement. Mazin also praised Druckmann, calling him the “finest storyteller working in the video game medium” and referring to The Last of Us as Druckmann’s magnum opus, despite it being a collaborative effort between hundreds of programmers, designers, artists, and actors.

Mazin seems like a good fit for the adaptation given the grim, suspenseful mood Chernobyl shares with The Last of Us. It’ll also be the first time a video game series has gotten the prestige television treatment.

No timeline was shared for when the show would start filming or be released. A movie adaptation of the Naughty Dog series Uncharted, meanwhile, is set to come out next March after years in production turmoil.

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“the series will focus on the events of the first game”

Christ, please no. It’s a fucking Naughty Dog game - it’s basically already a movie/TV Show. There is nothing new that a direct TV adaptation could bring to the table, other than just a worse version of the original (*cough* P5 *cough*). Having to do scene recreation after recreation just limits the team in what they can do, versus an original story that just runs concurrent to the events of the first game, and adds more to the world. I’d much rather them have the creative freedom to tell a new story I haven’t seen before, over them potentially fucking with an already proven one. There’s just nothing that saps my enthusiasm for a game adaptation more than a straight up retelling (simplistic games that could benefit from more narrative focus like, say NES-era games or the like being an exception).