The Last Nintendo Download Of 2010

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It's the final Monday of 2010, and Nintendo's first chance to wow Christmas Wii and DSi giftees with a selection of the finest downloadable games available. Do they make the most of the opportunity? You decide!

There isn't really any one game that stands out in this final Nintendo Download of the year. Multiplayer flinging stuff game Chick Chick Boom for WiiWare looks sort of interesting, and Around the World is likely the most exciting geography learning tool released this week. The virtual console gets a little end-of-the-year love in the form of puzzler Magical Drop III and Fighter's History Dynamite for the NEOGEO, and DSiWare gets a nifty little selection that includes a side-scrolling shooter, a puzzle game, and fantasy slots.

Page through the gallery to see if anything strikes your fancy this time around. If not, there's always next year.

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I may invest in a Magical Drop. Are there any strong opinions here as to which game would give me the most satisfaction?