The Last Guy - Zombie Versus Zombies

Click to view Over on the Official PlayStation Blog they've posted a new trailer for the upcoming PSN game The Last Guy, and while it's essentially the Japanese trailer Luke posted with English-language titles, they did drop a sizable chunk of game information along with the vid to make up for it. You play The Last Guy, a zombie from the Himalayas who journeys to the major city centers of the earth to save humanity from a plague of 'bad' zombies created when a purple beam from space struck the planet. As The Last Guy you will have special powers to help you save the day, such as heat vision to see where the normal folk are hiding. Thankfully the other zombies don't share the same powers, or the game would be extremely short.The gameplay consists of the citizens lining up behind you on the way to safe zones, where they can be rescued. If the bad zombies get too close, the citizens scatter and you have to start over again. It's kind of an interesting twist on those worm games from back in the day, where you'd eat fruit or something to grow longer, making you more of a target the bigger you get. Hit the link for more details on a game that Luke and I agree will be a must-buy title for PSN. The Last Guy Is Here To Rescue You [Official PlayStation Blog]


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