The Ladies of Uzbekistan Bring Japanese Emoticons to Life

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If a picture says a thousand words, what does a picture of Uzbekistan models imitating Japanese emoticons say?

Tokyo web planning company Nuuo showed a series of Japanese emoticons to models from an Uzbekistan model agency.


Nuuo only told them the bare minimum about what each emoticon meant and allowed the women to interpret the emoticons on their own. Japanese emoticons are slightly different from emoticons in other countries, and thus, the nuance of meaning might not be readily apparent.

So while this Japanese emoticon m(_ _)m might look like a butt with wings, it's actually the image of someone bowing on the ground.

The emoticons Nuuo provided weren't nearly as complex. Still, have at look at the results in the above gallery.

ウズベキスタンの美女たちに顔文字をやってもらった。 [Uzbekfaces via びょうかんSUNDAY]


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