Few composers have defined game music the way Yuzo Koshiro has. A prolific musician spanning many genres, his soundtracks for games like Streets of Rage and Actraiser are almost required listening to game music nerds everywhere.

Today on the Kotaku Mix Tape, we're giving you a tiny sample of Yuzo Koshiro's works. In the video above are a handful of the classics as well as some of the more obscure B-sides for the more seasoned Koshiro fans out there.



The Revenge of Shinobi - China Town
Actraiser - Filmore (Symphonic)
Misty Blue - Escape
Amazing Island - Elder's Hut
Streets of Rage - The Street of Rage
Eye of the Beholder (Sega CD Edition) - Dungeon Theme
The Scheme - Thousand Eyes (Arranged)
Streets of Rage II - Go Straight

Happy listening!

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