Doug Tenapel's bizarre, cult, claymation adventure game The Neverhood—and its platforming sequel Skullmonkeys—is unique on many levels. Greenlit by Stephen Spielberg and developed by Dreamworks Interactive, both games are totally unlike anything made before or since.

Today on Kotaku Mixtape we look at some of the music from those games. Written and performed by Terry S. Taylor, its tone ranges from drunken southern mumbles to loud primal shouting.

Also worth noting: Johnathan Coulton has said that one song in particular, Lil' Bonus Room, was actually a direct inspiration for the Portal song Still Alive.


1. Klaymen's Theme
2. Operator Plays A Little Ping Pong
3. Southern Front Porch Whistler
4. The Lil' Bonus Room
5. Skullmonkeys (The Theme)
6. Elevated Structure of Terror
7. Beep Bop Bo Shards


The two CD soundtrack, Imaginarium: Songs from the Neverhood, is still in print to this day. If you like what you hear, order it here.