The King Of Fighters XII - Triumph Of Combat

Giddy after the triumph of winning three Best of E3 awards for Best Fighting Game for The King of Fighters XII , Ignition Entertainment rushes out this latest trailer without removing the opening slate.

Sure, we could have edited the slate ourselves, but then how would we preserve the excitement? Simply telling you about it? That never works. The little date code at the beginning of this "Triumph of Combat" video shall be preserved in its entirety, to show the world just how thrilled Ignition and company are to have been picked as the best among such a crowded field of 3 or four titles, if that.

Oh I kid. Good job guys!

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ShadowOdin is gonna be King of Kotaku

Still freaked out by Athena. She kinda ruins the entire game for me, because she is usually one of my favs.

But this is only Japanese-creepy.

Art direction before lolicon, plz.