The King Of Fighters XII Gets Pricing Beatdown From Japanese Retailer

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The bad news for SNK Playmore is that retailer response to The King of Fighters XII, at least at one major Japanese retailer, is that they'd like to be rid of it altogether, marking the fighting game down to $11.

The good news is that Bic Camera, the outlet responsible for dropping KOF XII to 980 yen—down from its launch price of 7,140 yen (about $79 USD)—appears to have sold out of the 2D fighting game. But with the game on store shelves a little over three months, an 86% mark down on the King of Fighters revival must be hard to swallow.

It's not that uncommon for Japanese retailers to issue steep price drops for older games—we saw plenty of new copies of The Legend of Zelda: Phantom Hourglass for the same price in Tokyo this year—but SNK Playmore is probably not pleased.


Retailers in the U.S. appear to be sticking closer to the MSRP, selling the game between $49.99 and $59.99.

The game didn't review that well here in North America, nor did it debut strongly on the Japanese game sales charts. Maybe SNK Playmore will have better luck with King of Fighters: Sky Stage. At least that game has the fan service friendly Mai Shiranui.

The King of Fighters XII Gets Pricing "Re-Birth" [Siliconera]

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photon arbiter

maybe the lack of mai ment that no one really wanted it?.... i know i didnt , i am a mai user though... so maybe thats y . anyway i dont think well have to worry about never seeing her in a game again , what do u guys think? #thekingoffightersxii