Totally horrible. Awful. Rotten. The latest teaser trailer, which is the first to show footage, is bad.

The movie is a live-action adaptation of the book, which was adapted into a terrific anime by Studio Ghibli. The live-action movie is not connected to Ghibli. And no, Hollywood is not involved. This is a Japanese production.

As seen trailer, Kiki arrives at a bland, rundown Japanese elementary school.


Ungh. These are buildings you can find all over today. Maybe they set the movie, I dunno, in the 1970s or late 60s? If so, this building would be new then. Not in tatters.

And then she has a delivery for some kids, who are wearing odd, old-timey clothes. They look like extras from The Sting. One of the kids looks to be holding an 8mm camera. But, the school is modern...ish? And so is the road, with that ugly concrete, next to it. That's the kind of construction you see after World War II.


Keep in mind, this is Kiki's house in the movie.

And Kiki.


And Ghibli Kiki.

Granted, I haven't seen the final film, but so far, this movie looks awful. Maybe if I just listen to it?

映画「魔女の宅急便」特報第2弾 本編映像も初公開 [YouTube]

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