The Kids Of Today Seem To Be Struggling With Super Metroid

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SNES classic Super Metroid went on sale for under a buck earlier this week, the combination of price and the game's status obviously resulting in a massive influx of new players.


Players that, thanks to the wonders of the Miiverse, appear to be...struggling with 1990s game design.

There's always the chance these guys are trolling/joking, but then, it seems just as likely that a generation of people who have grown up with proper tutorials and hand-holding are, well, finding it all a little difficult.

Are people struggling with Super Metroid or are they trolling? [Go Nintendo]

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I'm a 80's / 90's kid, and yet I never played this game, so it's pretty likely I will have a pretty hard time with it, as well.

I don't believe for a second that kids nowadays are worse gamers than we were back in the day. I see videos of 9 year old kids playing Dragonforce's "Through the Fire and Flame" on Guitar Hero on expert difficulty, and that alone tells me that present-day kids are quite capable.

If we had something like Miiverse back in the day, we would also have been spamming it with pleas for help for Super Metroid, or Contra, or all the Mega Man games.

But we didn't, instead relying on trying and trying again until we got shit done; it's not that we were better gamers, it's just that that was the way games were, and we accepted it, and we played it because we had no other choice. It was the culture back then, where we were super patient and didn't rest until we could beat that damn underwater level in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Put a modern-day kid in a similar scenario - say, put him in a deserted island with only a CRT TV, a NES and Battletoads, and I warantee you that the kid will play it endlessly until he's capable of beating the game on a single life.

If we were the "super hardcore gamers" as so many people seem to think, tell me: why was the Konami Code so popular? How many people actually beat Contra without using it (and Contra wasn't even THAT hard, mind you)? How many people actually finished Battletoads, Marble Madness, Punch Out!!, Ninja Gaiden I & II, etc?

Ok, I've ranted enough, I'm leving home now so I can buy Super Metroid and get my ass kicked. :)