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The KFC Superhero Comic Is One of the Weirdest Things You’ll Read All Week

So, I think the man responsible for hawking fried chicken to millions of people worldwide is, like, a reserve member of the Justice League now.

This week, DC Comics put out a free KFC promo comic called The Colonel of Two Worlds. As you’d expect, it’s pretty bizarre.

The book’s title comes from the classic 1960s story “The Flash of Two Worlds,” which established the existence of alternate earths in DC Comics’ fictional cosmology. Those alternate earths play into the main hook of the story, which is that an evil version of Colonel Sanders comes to the main reality and starts selling an inferior version of KFC’s deep-fried poultry with help from villains from the Flash’s rogues gallery.


The real Colonel takes offense to this and heads over to Easy Fried Chicken to fuck shit up. Oh, and he runs into Green Lantern and the Flash.


Apparently, Colonel Sanders has super strength.


Because this is a piece of deep-fried corporate propaganda, Super-Sanders keeps yelling about the Hard Way, the name given to the no-shortcuts big lie being sold about how KFC cooks their chicken.


There’s a long if specious tradition of comic books hawking cheap/fast/junk food, and the free KFC comic book that DC’s put out is right in line with that. But it’s a little weird how far the creators go to set up a believable internal logic—including planting the Colonel inside their continuity—for this goof of a story. Let’s all hope the Colonel shows up to save the day with lots of greasy fried chicken in the Darkseid War or DC’s next big crossover. It’ll be a crisis on infinite toilets in Justice League’s bathrooms afterwards.

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