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It seems like most live-action movie versions of manga and anime are terrible. (Remember Attack on Titan?) However, the release day buzz around the new Jojo live-action movie is that it’s actually good.

Created by an ageless man, Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure debuted as a manga back in 1987 and has gone on to spawn anime and video game adaptations.

The live-action film, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure: Diamond Is Unbreakable Chapter I, is directed by Takashi Miike, whose movies range from brilliant to terrible. It follows the manga’s Part 4 arc.


After the movie opened today in Japan, fans took to Twitter to give their impressions. The general consensus seems to be that most people thought this movie was going to suck, but it doesn’t.

This Twitter user pointed out that it got a relatively good review in the paper.


Note: There might be some tiny spoilers below:

“It was supremely great! I thought that they couldn’t make a live action Jojo, but recently, I wanted to go see it, and upon seeing it, it was really enjoyable.”


“I went to see the live-action Jojo! Unexpectedly, Jojo was done right, you’re able to get pumped up, and it was a good time. For a live-action adaptation, if that’s the case, then this is a success, no? It’s the first time in a while that director Miike gave it his all.”


“I went to see the live-action Jojo movie. It was better than I thought it would be. The Stand battles were particularly good.”

“I went to see Jojo. Generally, it was good. I cried ha ha. As it is, I guess they’re not going to do the anime anymore.”


Jojo was amusing.”


“I went to see Jojo. It was really cool, and it didn’t lack punch! I could see it over and over again.”

“Today, I went to see Jojo. It was pretty good!”


“Waaaaaan...Ryunosuke Kamiki was cute! I had always watched the anime, so it seemed abundantly interesting. The ending hints of a sequel, and I want to see the next one at a sneak preview. Ahhhh, I dig Kamiki.”

“I won’t go into great detail because I’ll give stuff away...

“Anyhow, it was great!!!

“The Stands were great!!!

Kento Yamazaki wasn’t himself, he was Jojo!!!”


“I went to see the Jojo movie!! It was so cool and great!! I really want to see the sequel! I’m so looking forward to that!”

“Impressions of the Jojo live-action movie: the fight scenes had more intensity than I thought they would- It stayed close to the source material more than I thought it would- Yukako Yamagishi is one tough gal- The Stands come to life, no complaints.”


After a seemingly endless string of bad adaptations, maybe the Japanese movie industry is finding its adaptation groove?

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