The Japanese Version of Demons' Score is a Much Better Deal

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Last week iNiS' rhythm-shooter Demons' Score hit the North American app store, disappointing many fans by padding the $6.99 game with nearly $40 of additional content. Meanwhile, in Japan, the entire game costs just $20.


NeoGAF poster StarCreator popped into the Japanese app store this weekend, where they discovered that the native version of Square Enix's latest big-money iOS game was available for 1500 yen, roughly equivalent to $20, with all of the game's demon-pact content included. The only in-app purchases listed are optional 'Soul Eater' pieces, essentially potions to help players survive more difficult levels. Basically, Japan gets the full game for half the price North America and the UK wind up paying for it.


What can we conclude from this substantial discrepancy? Either Square Enix loves Japan more, or it loves Western currency so much it needs it more than it needs yen.

Demons' Score has no content-based in-app purchases in Japan, and costs half as much [PocketGamer]

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Fernando Jorge

Square hates the west. I recall FFXII International Zodiac Job Version... called International for some unknown reason even though it was released just in Japan. It fixed most of the gameplay flaws it had and it had English voice over, but all menus were in Japanese... menus which almost ALL had been previously translated.

Same for FFX actually.