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The Japanese Internet Reacts To Square Enix's Crypto Plans

Not everyone in Japan is thrilled with Square Enix's interest in blockchain games and NFTs

We may earn a commission from links on this page.
A video game version of the Square Enix CEO looks directly at the camera.
Masuda was an enemy boss in DLC for Nier Automata.
Screenshot: Square Enix/YouTube

On January 1, Square Enix CEO Yosuke Matsuda (pictured) decided to ring in the New Year with the company’s plans for things like blockchain and NFTs.

You might have read what people on the English-speaking internet thought about Square Enix’s announcement, but let’s now take a look at what folks on the Japanese-speaking branches thought.

Below is a cross-section of comments from bulletin boards like 2ch and 5ch, Twitter, and popular Japanese game sites like Hachima Kikou.

“This is an announcement that Square Enix is finished.”

“Blockchain games are effing slow.”

“Let me put this as simply as possible: Make interesting games. That’s it.”

“They [Square Enix] used to be a great game developer.”

“Whaa, this is so shady...”

“This is really official? This is the New Year’s greeting from the president [of Square Enix]?

“I’m happy that an enjoyable blockchain games will increase!”

“This is disgusting. NFTs are a money-game commodity with no value.”

“Simply put, they have no plans to make interesting games.”

“I have no idea what any of this means.”

“This company has no future.”

“They’ve lost their way.”

“It seems this is for shareholders.”

“Don’t get lost in blockchain and NFTs, and don’t forget the precedent set by Second Life.”

“It seems people in America really hate NFTs.”

“Play to earn! We’ve arrived at where you can game in the metaverse. I’m excited!”

“The curtain is rising on a new age for open world games.”

“It’s Square Enix, after all, so they’ll mess this up.”

“So they don’t have any ability to make games anymore, so they’ll have players sell things to each other and then live off the commissions?”

“I’m looking forward to this.”

“Blockchain really seems like a fraud. This has a whiff of shady consultants.”

“Square Enix is already late to the trend, so they’ll screw up.”

“This means they have no new ideas.”

“What’s the actual point of the NFTs and the metaverse....”

“I get it. No, I don’t.”

“They’re becoming an investment company.”

“Just from the statement alone, an utter lack of intelligence is conveyed.”

“This feels like they’re wasting money again.”

“This seems like they’re followers. This company can’t make anything new from scratch.”

“It is an interesting business model.”

“I predict a total flop. I was reminded of the time Square Enix’s movie bombed, and the company was on the verge of bankruptcy.”

“It seems like Final Fantasy will be released in the metaverse.

“Square and Enix merging was a mistake.”

“But what does all this mean for paying taxes?”

“It’s wild that Square Enix has turned into a company that makes this kind of public pronouncements.”

“There’s no merit for them starting this now.”

“Where’s the second part of the FFVII remake? When’s [FF]XVI coming out?”

“Too little too late.”

“I can only predict this turning out as a mistake.”

“Amazing. I read all of this and none of it stuck in my brain.”

“So ultimately, with blockchain, in-game items will definitely have value? And the way this is different from the real-money-trade in MMOs is...?”

“The future of Square Enix is grim.”

“It’s because they cannot make Final Fantasy forever.”

“There are lots of words, but I don’t follow any of this.”

“It’s great to have a system in which anyone can make money with their creativity.”

“It doesn’t appear Square Enix is looking towards players.”

“The hell is this guy saying? I don’t get this at all.”

“Besides Dragon Quest, this company’s games are dull.”

“There are only a few people who can create.”

“What’s the difference between a blockchain game and an online game?”

“Even as a joke, this isn’t funny.”

“I’ll be playing my Switch.”

“Anyway, this company can only make Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest.”

“I truly can’t believe someone this incompetent is the president [of Square Enix].”

“The buzz around the metaverse and NFTs is already over.”

“I wonder if this is going to be mixed into Dragon Quest and Final Fantasy.”

“Once again, they’re going to put price tags on worthless things? This seems stupid.”

“I want these dopes to stop using these cyborg-like jargon and make interesting games.”

“Well, this year is gonna be bad, too.”

Maybe the New Year’s Day greetings in 2023 will be better!