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The Fart Cannon Is a Lethal Weapon

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

Have you ever wanted to launch a fart at someone? No? Well, a young gentleman named ARuFa has. And he made that dream a reality.

Note: This article contains content some readers might find objectionable.

Over on Japanese comedy site Omotopia (via Neatorama), ARuFa demonstrates how how he created a fart cannon, using a cardboard box, a hose, and his ass to create what he's dubbed a "onara tobashi ki" (オナラ飛ばし機) or "fart-firing machine."


Below, you can see how he made the contraption. "Be sure to take notes," ARuFa adds.

So, you cut a hole in the box, which is easy enough.


Then, you cut a hole in your underpants, which isn't easy enough.

Next you equip the tube. Yes. Equip.


And insert that tube into the box.


Here's how it apparently works: You fart, and the tube transmits your stink from your bunghole to the box. Then, you hit the side of the box, and that fires the fart. Like so:


So, find volunteers or unsuspecting friends (victims?) for fart launching fun.


You can see more images of the fart cannon in the Omotopia link below.

【検証】近代兵器「オナラ飛ばし機」を作ってみた [Omotopia via Neatorama]

Photos/GIFs: Omotopia

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