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We may earn a commission from links on this page

The Japanese Birdman Poster Looks Dumb

We may earn a commission from links on this page.

This is (part of) the U.S. poster for Birdman. It's a rather simple poster. Surely, there's no way you could screw this up, right? Right? Well, actually...

Here is the rest of the poster—in case you don't live in North America or, if you do, haven't been near a movie theater.


Not bad! I mean, it's not amazing, but it's interesting. Doable. Workable. Whatever. I kind of like it.

Below is the South Korea poster.


Pretty classy! I actually like the white border.

And the Taiwan poster.


Yes, it looks like the Korean poster. Not sure if the same company is handling distribution or what (or maybe marketing), but like the above poster, this makes some changes, without fucking up the original.

And finally, the Japanese poster.


Which totally fucks up the original poster. The above poster is being derided on Twitter in Japan as "uncool" and "awful." Though, on 2ch, some say the original poster is bad, so there's not much to work with. Eh, whatever! This localized take isn't just a terrible poster, but a case study of someone running amok with Photoshop. Whoever did this must be stopped. Stopped, I say, before they strike again.

Crap poster aside, the Japanese font for "Birdman" (バードマン) sure is cool.

[Images via Micchii520]

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