One Single Life is an iPhone game you can only play once. Not because it's short, or because it's crap, but because once you play it and die, the application never lets you play it again.

Drastic! Yet it's also nerve-racking. One Single Life is essentially Canabalt, sans the aliens, and comprises of ten levels. Each of those levels consists of a single jump. If you clear it, you can move onto the next one. If you die, you're dead, and you can never ever play the game again.

By the time I met my demise on level 9, I was a wreck, the gravity of the situation well and truly having taken hold. And by the end it does mean something, because the game looks great and has Canabalt's same appeal of trying to pull off some manic timing.

Oh, and as you'd hope, it's free.

[via Pocket Gamer]