The Invisible Batter of Baseball on the PlayStation Move

MLB 11 The Show will get PlayStation Move support but I wouldn't put high hopes on it. The only supported feature will be a Home Run Derby mode, shown here, and that weird floating bat just strikes me wrong.

CtrlAltKill brought this back from CES. The game has foregone the representation of a hitter, just rendering the bat - in 1:1 motion, sure, but that makes the cuts to the replay seem really strange.

I love the guy asking the demonstrator if he can show a bunt. It's a home run contest, not Sacrifice Bunt Derby.


Reports have said Sony has no plans to bring Move support to the main game in future editions. It's probably a smart idea, and probably a prohibitively complex task for something people will try a few times and put down. Think about it, you'd be making a throwing motion more than 120 times; hello rotator cuff surgery.

[via Pasta Padre]

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I'm telling you guys. One of these motion control system's is going fail and my bet is on the Move.