Not that he ever went away. But it's been a year since we visited the internet's most wonderful narcissist, Ahmed Angel. But you'll be happy to know that he still posting amazing Photoshops of himself. That, and he is still planet.

I know, I'm sure you were worried.

Lots of people are into themselves! And they use the internet to show how into themselves they are. But few reach the dizzying digital heights that Ahmed has. His Facebook page is filled with endless images of himself.

I'm still not sure if this fellow is doing this as a goof or in earnest. Whatever the motivation is, the Photoshop fruits of this narcissism are amazing.


Don't believe me? Via TV Tokyo, one of Japan's largest television networks, have a look at the photos Ahmed posted on his Facebook page:

Not only is this fantastic, it's also so planet and so universe.

Ahmed Angel [Facebook via ロケットニュース via TV Tokyo]

Photos: Ahmed Angel

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