The Internet Sure Knows Its Books

To: Ash
From: Crecente
Re: What Are You Playing RIGHT NOW?


Last night I asked Twitter for some suggested Sci-Fi reading. I've gotten quite bad at only reading books when I'm on vacation, which is crazy because I love books.

I was flooded with great suggestions, some that I've already read, some that I'd never heard of. I ended up picking three and buying them on my iPad. I read through the first half of one last night. Guess my brain was starving.

The three I purchased: The Strain, Old Man's War and The Widowmaker.

I need to ask the Internet about music next I think!

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Nick Ha

Music, like most art, is so absurdly subjective that you'll need to be very clear and precise concerning what it is that you like in music.

Me? I love me a good symphonic game/movie/anime soundtrack, but despite having the same basic instrumentation, you couldn't ever convince me to listen to classical music beyond a very precious few exceptions. Why? Honestly, that's something even I can only barely explain. To an outside listener, they're both pretty much exactly the same thing. Yet there's a dramatic emotional quality in soundtracks that I just don't hear very often from classical music.

And I flat out just don't listen to rap. Can't help it. Melody and harmony are more attractive to me than rhythm, beat and lyrics. The former draw far a far more profound emotional response from me than the latter.