Today, Sony finally pulled the veil—basically translucent at this point—off the Neo, officially known as the PlayStation 4 Pro. It’s a more powerful PlayStation 4 that will support 4K and HDR. Impressions so far are... mixed.

The PS4 Pro’s beefier hardware specs do present some intriguing possibilities, largely involving improved framerates for VR and games like Bloodborne. But that stuff’s not confirmed. Largely, general sentiment surrounding the new machine seems to be, “Why should I buy this shiny new thing? What’s the appeal beyond, ‘It’s shiny and new?’ Especially if I don’t own a fancy TV?” Also, people think its name isn’t great, and it looks like a staircase.

So that’s... a lot of negativity. Anybody out there sold on the PS4 Pro? Or even excited about it? Why?