Today the internet lost its collective mind, and so everyone finds themselves arguing about what color a dress is. Really.

This is the dress, in case you (somehow) haven't seen it— as Gawker explains, it originally started floating around on Tumblr, got picked up by Buzzfeed, and now it's taking the rest of the internet by storm:

Some people see it as white and gold. Others, black and blue. As a result of this optical madness, the internet is tearing itself apart, trying to decide what color the dress REALLY is...and it's also making jokes along the way, as it tends to do. The dress has become a meme! It's all over Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook, even 4chan. God isn't real after all.

Here are some of the nerdier jokes about the dress floating around the web:

People have even found the dress on Amazon, and are leaving silly reviews for it:

This is how the world ends.

[Top photo source: iCarbons]