Nintendo didn't go for a live presentation today, but they still had a lot to show this week—and some of that stuff was considered a megaton for fans.

New open-world Zelda. Brand new games with fresh ideas. New characters and modes in Smash. Most of what Nintendo showed during their short E3 presentation was a highlight, and most people seem hyped.


Heck, people seemed pumped before anything was actually shown—here's a small selection of images and GIFs posted in our comments section, leading up to the presentation.

And here's what people had to say once things got going:

(A part of the Smash Bros. presentation was, amusingly enough, in the style of an anime show.)

(That's a figurine from Nintendo's Amiibos, which is their answer to Skylanders.)

(Did you hear? You can play as Zelda in Hyrule Warriors!)

(Splatoon looks cool, too.)

(You can import Miis into Smash Bros, is what this person is talking about.)

Folks seemed to be awed by the new, open-world Zelda. In fact, if I were to sum up the reaction, it would be with this GIF posted in the comments of our Zelda article:

The footage did bring up a lot of questions, though. Notably, a lot of people seemed concerned with Link's gender.

One person on Reddit made a veeeery interesting observation about Link's bracers: they resemble these:

Dun dun dun!!

Comparisons to Skyrim abounded:

A few people couldn't help but ask this question, based on an early demo of the Wii U:

(Via neoGAF)

And one person couldn't give a shit about theories or open worlds:

But let's go back to Smash Bros for a moment...

(Via Barkend)

(Via gin-chan)

People had things to say about Pokemon's quick appearance, too—most notably, Mudkips mega evolution:

And yes, Francis has something to say about Nintendo, too:

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