The Internet Has Some Ideas For More Mario Maker 2 Game Styles

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Leave an empty space on a promotional image, and the internet will fill it for you. This is as certain as the sun rising in the East and setting in the West and gravity keeping us all from spinning out into space.


Last night’s Nintendo Direct about Super Mario Maker 2 was a fun reminder of that, thanks to the “game style” feature.

Super Mario Maker 2, like its predecessor, will allow players to style their creations after a select number of classic Mario games. You can use platforms and foes taken from the 8-bit classic Super Mario Bros., or opt for the 16-bit options from Super Mario World. Players can use large chunks of Mario history for making levels, and it’s neat.

Illustration for article titled The Internet Has Some Ideas For More Mario Maker 2 Game Styles

What’s curious, though, is that the Mario Maker 2 stream revealed there’s a portion of this menu labeled “extra game styles.” It’s where the newest style to Mario MakerSuper Mario 3D World— is listed. But it’s also the only style there, and there’ much space next to it. Plenty of space for other styles to be added and revealed. Fans had some ideas.

Like, what would Mario Maker be like if every map started with “where we droppin’?”


This would also make a good opportunity to revisit the seminal Phillips CD-i Game Hotel Mario, perhaps for the making of lo-fi animated cutscenes and truly punishing kaizo levels.


I know what you’re thinking, though. There’s plenty of old Mario games represented here. What about the new ones?


And why shouldn’t a new Mario Maker game include crossovers? They’re super hot right now. Joker just came to Smash Bros., the ‘90s can come to Mario Maker.


Really, there’s no reason for anyone’s favorite to not be a Mario Maker game style. Add every style. Add Taylor Swift’s “Style.” There’s no stopping you, Mario Maker, except for maybe copyright law.



Everyone wants it to be smb2us, but I highly doubt that is coming any time soon, for multiple reasons.

First, it’s mechanically an entire different game. The characters behave differently than in other games, and from eachother, which brings me to point two :

It would require all of the original playable characters for this one mode. Creators would need a way to force players to use a specific character (for example, a level with very high jumps may require Luigi, and be unplayable with toad.)

Also, level design would require completely unique tools just for this mode.

Finally, tons of enemies would need to be made just for this. The regular bad guys and question marks are incompatible with the pick up / throw mechanics.

This, if it ever happene, would be a separate game. It's extremely unlikely.