Super Mario Maker 2 Has A Story Mode And Much More

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The sequel to Super Mario Maker will have a story mode, unlike its predecessor, Nintendo said today in a Nintendo Direct dedicated to the game. In said story mode, you’ll get to rebuild Princess Peach’s destroyed castle by playing through courses to earn coins for the reconstruction effort. Plus: lots, lots more.


Over the course of a 15-minute video for Super Mario Maker 2, which is out June 28 for Switch, Nintendo detailed a ton of new features that will be added to the Mario level builder, including clear conditions (“win by collecting 50 coins!”) and cooperative building with a second player. Also: Slopes, on-off switches, seesaws, angry suns, and even mechanics that have never been in a Mario game before, like swinging claws and a dry bones shell that lets you glide in lava and hide as a pile of bones. (And: a CAR.) You can add auto-scroll to your levels, swap themes, insert moving water or lava, and much, much more.

Illustration for article titled iSuper Mario Maker 2/i Has A Story Mode And Much More

Also, Nintendo today announced the Super Mario 3D World mode, which is two-dimensional but allows for features that the other games’ levels won’t support, like teleporting glass pipes and cat suits. There’s also a night mode and four-player multiplayer that you can play both competitively and cooperatively.

Watch the whole video here (starting at 29:30):

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I like that they’re bringing over the Nintendo Online membership bundle, but it seems like the US version isn’t getting the stylus pack-in, which is strange.

While I did love almost everything shown, it seems like you can only play as Luigi, Toad, or Toadette in multiplayer courses, which is disappointing.

Glad that comments are back, but I was hoping they would reveal that User Comments would also return, as a lot of levels in the original game were made better by the comments telling a story. I was also hoping there was a way to toggle both User and Player Comments, since in the original, if your course got too many fan comments, the user ones would disappear.

But what was most disappointing? Not a single mention of costumes. The Mystery Mushroom Costumes was one of my favorite parts of the original, and the lack of them in this game’s promotions is very worrying. I was hoping that we would not only get confirmation they were returning, but also that we could use them in the Super Mario Bros. 3 theme, maybe even the Super Mario World theme. I really hope they’re just being hidden for whatever reason.