Fallout 4's new DLC, Automatron, lets players customize robot companions however they’d like. Some people are using this ability to make monstrous mech creations. Others, however, are finding hilarious ways to make Fallout 4 sexier.

So, you know about Codsworth, your Fallout 4's trusty robot butler, right? Normally, he looks like this. Note the thrusters, which keep Codsworth hovering above the ground:

Well, Fallout 4's DLC lets you swap out Codsworth’s thrusters, and replace them with an Assaultron’s legs, like so:

You can even take it further, and add armor to the legs, making them appear much nicer:


The internet has taken to calling this “Sexy Codsworth.” And when you look at dat ass, it’ll be clear why:

Just take a look at how Codsworth uses those legs!


Like all good memes, Sexy Codsworth has spawned some fantastic fan art:

By: Mazz of jumbleroo


I love it.

Previously, I had Codsworth far down the list of best companions, but now that I can modify him in all these amazing ways, I’m starting to think maybe he should be higher on the list!