It might be the least graphically impressive video game trailer we've ever seen, clearly by design. It might also be the first teaser for Eidos' sequel to Kane & Lynch: Dead Men.

A sequel is certain, reported to have been in development as early as October 2007. The likely name of that sequel, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, puts one aspect of this teaser clip, hosted by MTV Germany's, into context.


The video appears to have been shot by a Chinese restaurant's surveillance cameras, filmed in black and white, featuring two naked men—with their unmentionables blurred out—running from gunfire. One, who appears to be Lynch, appears to have been hit by some of that gunfire, tumbles over a dining table and is attacked by a dog. The other man, possibly Kane, beats the dog away with some type of blunt object.

And that's about it. The trailer, if it is for Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, is certainly... interesting, if only a very, very brief taste of what we can expect in the sequel.

Judge for yourself. Does this scream viral marketing attempt at Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days? Or is someone pulling our leg?


2 nackte Männer hauen einen Hund [ - thanks, unknownassassin!]

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