The Inception Video Game Is (Still) Happening

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Just a few months ago, the director of The Dark Knight and Memento, Christopher Nolan, said he was "looking at" developing a video game based in the world of blockbuster hit Inception. Now he sounds more serious about it.


Nolan tells Entertainment Weekly that the layered universe of Inception is "a world where a lot of other stories could take place" and that video games are "something I've wanted to explore," but reaffirms that the project is still a "longer-term proposition," meaning it's likely years off. Nolan, after all, is currently working on The Dark Knight Rises for 2012.

But EW indicates that Nolan is already working with a "team of collaborators" on the future Inception-based game. If you had your druthers, who would you want Nolan and team to collaborate with on Super Inception World?

Christopher Nolan on his 'last' Batman movie, an 'Inception' videogame, and that spinning top [EW]



I see a lot of people saying Rockstar.

I'm sorry, but Rockstar is not going to make this game. Their directors know it would be a step down and a step back for a studio of such high quality that values adventurous gameplay ideas, a and originality.

There is nothing original or adventurous about Inception. It had a dream-within-dream gimmick that sounds cool if you're high. I had a dream within a dream on two separate occassions. All of those dreams were more interesting than any of the environments or linearity of Inception.

No, Inception will likely be made by a studio like Infinity Ward, who specializes in polished, aggressively palatable material that builds on what is already known to have sold in a similar generic package the year before.