The Human Body Has Trouble Gaming For 90+ Hours, It Seems

Neal "Koibu" Erickson once played video games for 90 hours straight. Since that obviously wasn't enough, he recently tried to game for 120 hours straight.

Some would call this endurance, others would call it madness. Erickson calls it progress. "I feel like if I'm not doing things that are better, or more challenging, I'm not really making progress," he told The Daily Dot.


In front of a Twitch audience of thousands, Erickson's attempt - which was punctuated by not just game streaming but panel discussions and rounds of truth-or-dare - ultimately fell short, as he passed out around 85 hours in.

If that somehow sounds "disappointing" to you, try and stay awake for 85 hours at all, let alone do it gaming in front of a crowd.

Video game iron man attempts 120-hour streaming marathon [The Daily Dot]

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