The Horror II: Revenge of Tetris Shoes!

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The Year of the Video Game Shoe continues, this time courtesy of Puma who have inflicted two additional Tetris themed kicks on the footwear buying public. While these two are certainly not as horrendous as the Disc Blaze re-issues already released—if only for the fact that that particular shoe is an eyesore by design—the RS100 and First Round EX entries in the Tetris pack are going to more than likely attract the wrong kind of attention.

I'll stick my Nike SB 720s thank you very much, Mr. Puma! In fact, I'm off to Brooklyn Projects to acquire! Have a good weekend.


Puma S/S '08 Tetris Pack [High Snobiety]

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Id only get tetris themed shoes if the played the tetris theme. Like every step could play another little bit of the song. If they did, I would order 400 pairs for me and everyone I know. It would be awesome.

Unfortunately these shoes dont do that and look gaudy as hell.