THE HORROR: Game Errors

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Games aren't perfect, you know. They're made by people. And people make mistakes. Sometimes those mistakes can be frustrating, sometimes they can be funny, and sometimes, they can be absolutely terrifying.


Blog "I Get Your Fail" covers the latter two. A mix of funny and HORRIFIC glitches and errors, some displayed as code, others - like the one above - displayed as HORROR.

I Get Your Fail [via Offworld]



Ugh. I hate blogspot network sites with a passion, because invariably, when I read one, there's something I want to comment on, but I'll be damned if I sign up with blogspot just to be able to do so.

That said, it's been how many years since CS utterly destroyed the concept of realistic tactical FPS gaming? And people are still making mistakes like mirroring gun models?

Look at 'My gun shoots 7.62mm cat ridges...' the ejection port is on the wrong bloody side of the gun. I think that pretty well trumps the typo that was the point of the post. ;<