The Honest World Of Warcraft Trailer Evokes Strange Feelings Of Pride

When a normal game gets the Smosh Games Honest Trailers treatment I just point and laugh along with the video. Having been a semi-permanent resident of Azeroth for the past decade, the Honest Trailer for World of Warcraft makes me proud to have been a part of this glorious nonsense.


"Get hooked on the MMO that revolutionized the way people thought about EverQuest." I can't imagine a more apt description for the game that came along weeks after the release of EverQuest 2 and demoted Sony Online Entertainment's MMORPG from near-household name to footnote overnight.

With thousands of people playing in the same world at the same time, playing World of Warcraft comes dangerously close to living World of Warcraft. It's right there in the trailer: "Leave your boring school or day job behind for a game that takes as much time to master as school or a day job."


I've invested hundreds of hours into World of Warcraft, between work and play. The return on that is watching this silly video and feeling like I was part of something much bigger.

Also, I shall now forever refer to gnomes as Time Bandits.

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I don't think spending half your life playing a video game is something to be proud of. There's lots of more productive things you could be doing with your time.