The Honest Game Trailer For Candy Crush Saga Is Justly Brutal

Smosh Games gives everyone's second-favorite bathroom game the Honest Trailers treatment, brutalizing Kings' innocent candy-swapping game, which never did nothing to no one.

Or maybe it's a well-deserved thrashing. After all, what kind of sick bastard of a video game makes a person angry about receiving chocolate?

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Yes, move the calendar ahead to not wait for lives, but you have to change it back to normal time BEFORE you press "start", else the game will eventually say there are 10^15 bazillions of minutes you have to wait.. and forwarding the calendar that much time = a pain. :) You learn this lesson quickly.

Also screw tying to Facebook to move on... everyone I've heard complain about that had no clue about the "Quests" option.

And yeah.. I play Candy Crush and am on level 300+. Never paid a dime... never waited, and don't even have a FB account. Good times. And yes I lul'd at them attempting to trademark the name thing, and their blantant plagarism of other games.. but I'm just a consumer playing games, and paying no money. Oh well.