Overwatch’s Roadhog

Overwatch player Evermore is a one-man apocalypse. It’s not an overstatement—he’s the top-ranked Overwatch player, and, somehow, he got there with Roadhog. Evermore’s sitting pretty with a capped 5,000 skill rating he reached just hours after Season 3 launched.

Evermore is a Korean Overwatch pro named Koo Kyo Min of Team KongDoo Panthera and he’s over 200 points ahead of his runner-up, a Zarya main. He’s the first to reach the 5,000 cap and bosts an unimaginable 89% winrate.


I always believed in you, Roadhog. You’re the best little piggy.

Here’s the kicker: Min’s Roadhog has dirt objective time, indicating that he’s playing a straight flank, hook and shoot tank. The secrets to his success, according to his stats, are hook and gun accuracy and staying alive. From his stats, Min’s not the perfect picture of a team player, and yet, his win rate suggests otherwise.


It looks like he’s plucking off enemies from the periphery to clear the path for his team. It’s an individualistic playstyle often frowned upon in the community. Check it out:

Blizzard recently adjusted its Skill Rating system to ensure that higher tiers aren’t overpopulated, like they were in Season 2. Initial skill ratings are on the lower side. So, Min’s rank-capping is all the more impressive—so it seems.


That said, on a Korean forum, some players are accusing Min of gaming the system. An article by InvenGlobal suggests that he queues in Competitive “mostly as a 5-man with other KR Top 10 players, such as tape2, order, Luffy, and EFFECT,” adding that “Many are in doubt whether Blizzard’s current competitive ranking system is accurately reflecting & adjusting for skill gap disparities.” Only time will tell.

When Roadhog’s hook gets fixed, we’ll see how Min fares.

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