The Heroes of Arcade Insanity

They might look like regular people, but their gaming skills are anything but. They're superplayers. They take gaming as far as it can physically go.


Here is an assortment of clips from the past few years. Some of them you might have seen, some of them you might not have seen. They're worth repeated viewing, because simply put, with their hearts on their sleeve, these gamers show what's possible, one coin at a time.

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I love how almost all of the videos of music games are 1) ancient, 2) horridly grainy and 3) quite frankly not that good as tatsujins. There are MUCH better play videos of virtually all of those games on Youtube. Especially of Pop'n: just watch anyone clear anything above a 40, as in [] (and I'm sure someone's done better by now, that's like 4 versions ago). The only one that's genuinely astonishing to me is the Arika powerplay of Tetris TGM (because they are always astonishing) - and even it's not that great by today's standards.

Netaplays (danceplays) of Pop'n/BM are always fun to watch though. I'd probably find them more enjoyable if I could see how they actually perform in the game afterwards lol.