The Heist is a Great Brain Robbery

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The Heist is bookended by two spoiler-riffic features I simply can't give up, but they help bundle a series of logic puzzles into a package that is brilliantly and uniquely executed on the iPhone.


Suffice to say, The Heist's heist is not entirely metaphorical. Yes, you're trying to break a vault by completing a series of four puzzles: A sliding-bar gridlock puzzle that requires you to move blocks and create an opening for your microchip; a pattern-matching game that is akin to Sudoko with heiroglyphs and astrological symbols; a block-moving game where the wrong move leaves your box immobilized in a corner; and a sliding-tile puzzle whose objective is connecting different colored wires.

Four of each puzzle group will be unlocked at a time, and completing eight will move you to the next stage. If you're good at one category, you can't just lean on it to get through to the end; if you're weak in another, you can press ahead in your strong suit and come back later. I appreciated the opportunity to set my agenda for advancement.

But there is a material reward for completion, and you will communicate with a partner in crime. That's as much as I'll say about the details that give the The Heist, by the creators of MacHeist, just the right amount of alternate-reality game seasoning. The enjoyable soundtrack and bright visuals provide a warm ambience for the long time you'll spend pondering your next step of the challenge.

The Heist is a smartly designed game that gives heft to the puzzle genre on all iOS devices. It's out now, it's 99 cents, and it's an absolute steal at the price.

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The Heist [iTunes App Store]


Falsoman el Garabatero

I love and hate this game. I'm terrible at the later puzzles in pretty much everything but the Zen stones one...

I'm glad, however that you don't actually need to finish them all to get to the big surprise. So I will take my time and let my hair grow back before i pull it out with my bare hands again!