Imagine living in a town so remote, so isolated, and so dreary that the prospect of a Taco Bell opening nearby ignites a spark of hope in the populace so intense it has to be set to moving music.

Some would say Bethel, Alaska sounds like hell. Me? I say it sounds like the healthiest place on Earth, at least until Taco Bell's corruption engineers worked out a way to airlift 10,000 Doritos Locos Tacos to the once-fit people.

Apparently someone tricked the entire town into thinking a Taco Bell was coming, and that broke the heart of the restaurant's public relations department. There was only one thing to do: capitalize on the situation with a touching video, and if they made a few thousand people happy in the process? Well, that's just something they'll have to live with.

Congratulations, Bethel, Alaska. May the emergency orange never fade from your fingertips.