The Guild Wars 2 Gamescom Trailer Makes You Wipe Away a Tear Before Laying Waste to Trolls

Amidst the bushels of chaos and action from upcoming games flying out of Germany this week, this idyllic new Guild Wars 2 trailer has you stop and contemplate it's picturesque beauty. And then, of course, it unloads it's own brand of chaos and action by the bushelful. I hope you have lots of empty bushels at home.



I love you Kotaku, and I visit several times a day when possible, so please don't hate me for my criticsim.

I want to love your video player, but considering the fact I web surf with the fastest home option Rogers (Canada) has to offer, and on a gaming rig that maxes practically all games, there's no excuse for your slideshows disguised as videos.

Your server obviously can't handle the traffic, so why don't you use youtube? If it can handle Rebecca BLack's billion views, it will take care of your needs too.

I understand proprietary desires, but this has been going on for far too long, enough already!

btw, for those with similar difficulties, a full buffer helps.