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Despite Dragon's Crown being a solid game, its characters' bodies have come under some scrutiny. Regardless of where you stand on that issue, it's hard to defend interactive scenes in the game that allows you to grope NPCs. To show how touchy the player can get, here's a NSFW gif by psoodo that makes fun of said interactive scenes.

Fair warning, some folks may find this content uncomfortable.

In order to understand the parody, you'll need to know what it's making fun of. The actual game allows you to mess with both female and male characters during dungeon cutscenes. These scenes allow you to click on these NPC's bodies to elicit a reaction from them. The difference between the male and female-specific cutscenes that stands out, however, is that the female characters can be seen in particularly compromising poses.


Here's footage from the Japanese version of the game (though the same scenes occur in the western release) by sansviedotcom:

But if you don't want to sit through the video, this is what the groping looks like, sans moans:


And for comparison's sake, a man in the same type of scene:


It should be noted that the reaction is the same no matter where the NPC is clicked, and that you can abstain from groping sensitive areas if you so choose. Additionally, both characters respond with sexual sounds in the actual game, even if the men aren't positioned as provocatively or squirm as intensely as the women do...not that these scenes would be any less weird if they did, but still.

That brings us to psoodo's parody of the groping scenes, which highlights the difference between the male and female groping:


He even added animated toe curling.

( psoodo Via Tiny Cartridge)

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Getting tired of political correctness. Anyone bitching about this game needs to grow the frack up.

Don't like it, don't buy it, and most of all, don't keep talking about it, you're just giving something you're bitching about more desired attention.

Personally, I think the character art style is silly and distracting, but I support it 100%, even though I haven't purchased the game yet.