The Grinns Tale Launches, Charming the Pants Off of Everybody

Nexon's free-to-play social RPG The Grinns Tale, which I crowed about a few weeks back, officially launches today. Here's the opening movie. Yes, a social game with an elaborate opening movie. It's also got some interesting stats.


What stats, you ask? These stats, direct from Nexon:

Here Are Some Fun Stats From the Beta

Times a Grinn did work: 76,180,415 (Now if only everyone worked this hard)

Metal Harvested: 7,924,550,614
Wood Harvested: 14,643,771,560

Number of croissants eaten: 2,951,753 (that's a lot of buttery goodness)
Number of muffins eaten: 2,547,497
Number of bananas eaten: 474,677

Number of times each character class entered battle:
Adventurer – 25,711,701
Archer – 20,707,467
Berserker – 11,138,008
Cleric – 20,851,766
Knight – 18,739,768
Wizard – 17,501,942


You can play The Grinns Tale right now on Facebook or Kongregate.

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It looks interesting. Could anyone please inform me if you need to post everything on your wall for your friends to click on?