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This news clip is in Japanese, but the guilty look on this man's face is universal.

On the early morning of July 9, a 16 year-old was slashed in the face. When TV Asahi arrived on the scene that same day to cover the incident, reporters happened to find a man out on evening bike ride. The reporter said that the suspected slasher was between 30 to 40 years old and around 180cm tall. The reporter then asked the man—45 year-old Yuuichi Yamamoto—if he had seen anyone who fits that description.

"You just said someone who looks like me," Yamamoto replied.

"Scary, it's it?" the reporter added. Yamamoto agreed. He said he was asleep when the incident happened—right in front of his apartment. During the interview, Yamamoto acted odd, and the reporter even asked, "I wasn't you was it?" To which the man replied, "It wasn't me."


Later that evening, Yamamoto went to the police station, where he was arrested. He stated that he did not recall the attack because he had spent the previous night drinking at home; however, he added that perhaps he carried out the attack. The answer to that question appears written all over his face.

直撃に「私みたいですね」45歳男が逮捕前カメラに [YouTube]