The Grand Theft Auto Version of Top Gear Is A Blast To Watch

Illustration for article titled The iGrand Theft Auto/i Version of Top Gear Is A Blast To Watch

A few fans are putting custom GTA cars to the test in a digital game show, and it’s become one of my favorite things on YouTube.

Hosted by Hampyro - Comedy Gaming Channel, the entire thing is a spoof on Top Gear. Every episode has a schtick, known as a “challenge,” which the contestants must work under. In the Cheap Car Challenge, for example, the contestants were tasked with buying a car under $19k. These cheap cars were then put to the test in races, obstacles courses, and so on, all in the name of finding out which car is “best.”

What makes the series particularly fun is that GTA has such a wide variety of vehicles that on any given episode you’ll see the nice, sleek cars right alongside ridiculous clunkers—which makes watching the challenges really fun. You never know which car will pull through, especially given how random playing GTA can be. Cars definitely get broken, trashed, or stuck. And sometimes, people have to be shot. This is GTA, after all.


Here are a few episodes of GTA Top Gear that you can watch on YouTube.

Under $90k Challenge

Cheap Car Challenge

Muscle Car Challenge

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i miss top gear.