The Golden Sun Family Tree May Come In Handy

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If you found Golden Sun: Dark Dawn for the Nintendo DS under the Christmas tree this weekend and found your familiarity of the previous two Game Boy Advance games and their characters a bit rusty, this family tree may help.

Nintendo breaks down the relationships between Golden Sun, Golden Sun: The Lost Age and the third game in the series, Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, which was released after a seven year long hiatus. If family trees and traditional Japanese role-playing games are your bag, read Kotaku's review of Golden Sun: Dark Dawn, see if this is the RPG that should've been on your wish list this holiday.

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That chart is not up to date.

Minor S-P-O-I-L-E-R-S and such

Ive seen a more updates one, where jenna is listed as isaacs partner, and alex is obvious the father of amiti.

And yes, it is mentioned in game that jenna is in fact the mother of matthew.